Posted on October 15th, 2019, Posted in News, Results

7 teams of three played in the Captain’s Choice competition. The format was the Waltz with 1 score on the 1st 2on the 2nd and 3on the 3rd and then back to 1 and so on. The scores were good with Vicky Lee Comyn, Debbie Douglas and Vera Eade scoring 77 points and winning the Clarinda Letcher trophy.

In second place with 73 points on countback was Karen Furness, Danielle Price and Mo Hammond.

In third was Jacquie Lang,Karen Greenwood and Jackie Mallett also with 73.

On Sunday the Ladies League players played in the end of season League Play Off Trophy for all the Clubs that had won their league divisions. The team was Jackie, Kath,Sue, Niki, Debbie, Rosie and Jacquie. The competition was played at Merlin and the team came 3rd by one point. Newquay won the Trophy.

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