Posted on November 30th, 2019, Posted in Results

A weather depleted field played the Stableford. There was strong winds with some rain. The scoring reflected the conditions. The CSS was 75 and the competition Reduction only. In 1st place with 28 points was Jenny Potter. In 2nd place with 24 points was Vicky Lee Comyn. In 3rd place with 22 points was Mandy […]

Posted on November 23rd, 2019, Posted in Results

27Ladies played in the Yellowball competition. The format was teams of three with a draw for the Yellowball on each hole and the Yellowball score was counted double, 2 scores to count. In 1st place with 106 points was Karen Furness, Sally Andrew and Nicola Oddy. In 2nd place with 105 points was Jane Barrington, […]

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10 Pairs played in the qualifying round of the Daily Mail Foursomes. There were odd showers for everyone, but considering the recent conditions it was almost good weather. In 1st place and going forward into the draw for the Daily Mail Foursomes with a net 72.5 was Jane Barrington and Jenny Potter. In 2nd place […]

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11 Pairs played in the Harry Champion Hi Low trophy. The conditions were less than perfect which was reflected in the scores. In 1st place winning the Harry Champion Hi Low Trophy with 30 points was Jan Sargeant and Karen Furness. In 2nd place with 27 points was Mandy Wright and Dawn Emerson. In 3rd […]

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22 Ladies played in the Millennium trophy Stableford. The CSS was 72. In 1st place and winning the Millennium trophy with 36 points was Jane Wragg. In 2nd place with 35 points was Michelle McLaughlin In 3rd place with 34 points was Niki Wraight. In 4th place with 33 points on countback was Anna Sendall […]

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7 teams of three played in the Captain’s Choice competition. The format was the Waltz with 1 score on the 1st 2on the 2nd and 3on the 3rd and then back to 1 and so on. The scores were good with Vicky Lee Comyn, Debbie Douglas and Vera Eade scoring 77 points and winning the […]

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On off rain to start off with but calm conditions made for good scoring. The CSS was 71. In 1st place with 39 points on countback was Danielle Price cutting her handicap to 1. In 2nd place also with 39 points on countback was Jenny Potter In 3rd place also with 39 points was Jan […]

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10 of the Ladies eligible to play in the Medal Play off Shield played in tough conditions. The CSS remained at 72. In 1st place in the Silver Division and also winning the Medal Play off Shield with a net 71 was Danielle Price. In 2nd place Silver with a net 73 was Olivia Trewhela. […]

Posted on September 21st, 2019, Posted in Results

23 Ladies played in the EWGA Medal. The wind was strong and made for difficult conditions. The CSS was 74. In Silver in first place with a net 74 on countback was Angie Chapman. In 2nd place also with a net 74 was Cheryl Jose. In 3rd place with a net 77 on countback was […]

Posted on September 16th, 2019, Posted in Results

25 Ladies played in Debbie’s Lady Captain’s Day in absolutely summer like weather. The theme of the day was exercise and fitness and a suitably decorated buggy was in attendance. All the Ladies dressed appropriately with much Lycra on display. A very welcome halfway round break with Pimm’s and Debbie’s homemade brownies and flapjacks made […]