Ainley Cups and Oliver Plates 2023

02/04/202328/05/2023SEMI FINAL 30/07/2023FINAL to be played before 24/09/2023
V Eade & J HewittN Wraight & I KenyonN Wraight & I KenyonS Anrew & S Andrew
N Wraight & I Kenyon
K Daubney & J QuickE Robinson & P Robinson
E Robinson & P Robinson
L Hawkey & S HawkeyS Andrew & S AndrewS Andrew & S Andrew
S Andrew & S Andrew
K Hawkey & T BlythC Rowe & P WilliamsC Rowe & P WilliamsC. Rowe & P Williams
C Rowe & P Williams
A Champman & S NelsonH McGrath & G WynJonesH McGrath & G WynJones
H McGrath & G WynJones

Oliver Plates

To be played before midnight 28th May 2023 To be played before midnight 30th July 2023FINAL TO BE PLAYED BEFORE midnight 24th September 2023 to be arranged with refereeWINNER
V Eade & J HewittK Daubney & J QuickL Hawkey & S Hawkey
K Daubney & J Quick
BYEL Hawkey & S Hawkey
BYEK Hawkey & T BlythK Hawkey & T Blyth
BYEA Champman & S Nelson